Try our new combination of LioBites Strawberry crisps and LioBites Orange Crispy Bits ( small bits designed as a brekfast topper) . Great for adding to your cereal or porridge.1 of 5 a day, perfect for healthy diet and if you are trying to loose weight. 1 packs of Strawberry LioBites is just 27 Kcal and 1 pack of Orange LioBites is only 35 Kcal. 

Vegan and gluten free ( packed in a factory handling gluten and Strawberry is also manufactured in a factory handling dairy)

Taster set contains 8 packs in total:

4 packs of LioBites Freeze-Dried Strawberry Crisps 8g Best Before 03/05/2023

4 packs of LioBites Freeze-Dried Orange Crispy Bits 10g Best Before 14/10/2022

Bowl not included.




Breakfast Taster Set 8 packs Orange/Strawberry Mix