14 packs Breakfast Topper set - 7 packs of LioBites Freeze-Dried Strawberry Crisps and 7 packs of LioBites Freeze-Dried Orange Crispy Bits( these are small pieces designed for breakfast). Start your day with healthy, vegan and gluten free freeze-dried fruit selection. High in Vitamin C, Fibre and Antioxidants ! 1 of 5 a day and just 27 Kcal per pack of Strawberries and 35 Kcal per pack of Orange crisps. Box included , breakfast bowl not included. FREE DELIVERY

LioBites Freeze-Dried Strawberry Crisps 8g x 7 packs Best Before 03/05/2023

Manufactured and packed in a factory handling dairy and gluten


LioBites Freeze-Dried Orange Crispy Bits 10g x 7 packs Best Before 14/10/2023

Packed in a factory handling gluten.

Healthy Breakfast LioBites Orange/Strawberry -2 week set 14 packs